LTL Freight & Trucking

LTL Freight (Less than Truckload) is a transportation method when your shipment takes only part of the carrier’s trailer. Your freight is stacked into pallets, crates, large boxes and is combined with shipments from other business in a truck. This does make LTL (Less than Truckload) a reliable and cost-effective solution for shippers and business’ who have small amounts of goods (at least 150 pounds for LTL normally). LTL (Less than Truckload) is more flexible than full truckload and offers many benefits to individual shippers and small businesses.

If your shipment is 96 inches or more (over-length) or has any special requirements, then we will need to offer you a spot -quote. For this, please call or email us directly.

  • Deliveries to Department of corrections, Schools and Universities, Prison, US Military and Government locations with Appointments
  • Needs refrigeration
  • Over-length (over 96 inches)
  • Protect from Freeze
  • Restricted commodity (such as Haz Mat with a UN number
  • High Value and or Request for Cargo Insurance

For these special requirements for your LTL or Truck load please contact The Shipping Emporium to find out more about your requirements, and the best option for you. Please call or email us at or 434 990 4144.

We hire the following top LTL Carriers and our Independent Carrier network for Full Truckloads is significantly larger.

LTL Freight Shipping and LTL Quotes

A sample list of our LTL carriers


Land & Air New England

YRC Freight

ABF Freight

Southeastern LTL Freight

Central Freight

Frontline Freight

Clear Lane Carrier

Reddaway Freight Lines

Forward Air

Midwest Motors

New Penn Freight

A Duie Pyle

Holland Transportation

Southeastern Freight

Feel free to reach out to THE SHIPPING EMPORIUM with Any questions or for a quote.

Call or email us or if you prefer here is our Online form for your No- Obligation Quote Request



Jane Barnett the Shipping Emporium 

MC 852417      Duns 078483342     CAGE Code 78HM5

eVA Vendor 91829 and SWAM cert 701061

We are also micro-business Certified


Jane Barnett- JSB Enterprises LLC d/b/a The Shipping Emporium

(703) 304 8170

(434) 990-4144

Central Virginia BBB Accredited Business

CALL US at 434 990 4144 or 703-304-8170

Ship LTL or TL?

April 1, 2022

Hello and Regards from The Shipping Emporium. We’re a DBE and a SWAM certified business in Virginia under cert 701061.

Have us handle your Logistics while working with you on every detail of your LTL or TL shipment to ensure success. You can give us a call to see if you could benefit or find more competitive rates and services. 

Many of our customers have asked if they are shipping normal pallets, if they are better with our LTL carriers or our FTL carriers.

Whether LTL or FTL (Less than Truckload or Full Truckload) is best for you, The Shipping Emporium will be there to book you the best carriers and at the best pricing too! There are so many factors for us to consider, including the amount of Freight that you ship (including the size in length x width x height for your pallets). Also to what types of Customers you are shipping to, and where.

Here are some suggestions, however you can reach out to The Shipping Emporium any time if you have all of your pallet sizes and descriptions, including commodity and length width height and weight each pallet.

USE FTL (Full Truck-load) if:

You are shipping 12 or more pallets at a time

Your product is fragile or delicate

You require specific Pick-up and Delivery Appointments

and If your Delivery Date is Time Sensitive.

USE LTL (Less than Truckload Carriers) with us if:

You are shipping less than 12 pallets at a time.

Your product is sturdy or carefully packaged for handling.

You have some flexibility with shipping and delivery times.

You are looking for cost-savings.

Feel free to let us know what your more specific Freight shipping needs are.

We have many carriers available for LTL and TL shipping both.

We can make sure that your Truckloads or LTL service is Reliable and that every detail Is handled for you (From the BOLs, any Changes, calls to you and to the Pickup or Delivery agent at the Carriers, to ensure that you’re always receiving the BEST and Most Reliable Customer service and Delivery.

You can count on us to handle every detail for you, from the BOLs, tracking and other important details. Transforming your shipping process to help your business grow, while making sure your clients are happy.

Please provide the commodity or description, Number of pallets, weight and dimensions and pick up and destination. We have years of experience already setting up deliveries to: Public Universities, US Military Bases, and VA Dept of Corrections and other Agencies, and to Commercial Locations.

Please give us a call or drop us a line to see how we may be able to meet or exceed your expectations! We can also sub-contract with your company if that benefits your company on your contract with the Commonwealth, especially in competitive situations or when you are asked for your “Sub-contracting Plan”. Check out our webpage at

Thank you and We look forward to speaking to you soon!!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about our Services and how we may be able to Assist YOU!


 Jane Barnett The Shipping Emporium


DRY Van Shipping (LTL or TL)

The Shipping Emporium arranges your Freight transportation (palletized for LTL carriers or not palletized if you prefer with your Full Truckload or Dedicated service). We hire All the best carriers in the industry. All Carriers are selected on your Company’s needs. Including what is shipping, what is the commodity, weight, and dimensions and your specific needs requested when quoting. We are a 3PL/ Freight Broker.

We are one of the best 3PL Logistics Firms in Virginia. We are SWAM and DBE certified (including woman-owned certified) in Virginia.

Our carriers are monitored Daily to ensure compliance with all FMCSA/ Federal regulations Including Insurance coverage. You will be quoted cargo insurance if you would like to have that included in your quote for Freight. We keep in touch with our carriers and with you every day from pick-up to destination to ensure the highest quality service.

All our TL and LTL Carriers have been selected and kept on board because we share the same level of Integrity and customer service that we do.  Our Carriers are good to us, and we know that they are going to treat you well.

Some of the goods that you are moving and may be needing our assistance with:

Machinery, Tools


Fabric, Clothing or Manufactured Materials


Safety & Emergency Gear and Equipment

Construction Equipment and gear

We are introducing you to our company, The Shipping Emporium. We are a SWAM vendor since 2013. We are DBE Certified on Certificate 701061 until 2023. Our niche market is proving Carrier Services LTL-(Less than truckload) and  FTL (Full Truckload) and Dedicated van services in Virginia (and around The United States) for clients who ship to  Public agencies, universities, prisons, and US military bases. Our clients (many of them) ship large and bulky items, including new Manufactured Furniture or Foam Planks. We have direct experience in handling the Freight Shipping that VIB required and for more than 10 years.

Most of our current customer base ship goods on Purchase orders to Universities, US Government locations and Prisons.

Our Company’s Operating Authority has been in force since 2013 and monitored by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority) our MC # is 852417.

Greetings From The Shipping Emporium

Greetings From The Shipping Emporium! (eVA SWaM & Micro-Business) This is Jane Barnett and I would like to speak with you about your company and your Freight (LTL and TL) needs for 2022.   How are your LTL (Less Than Truckload) Rates Calculated? And what is the best way to get the most accurate and lowest Freight rate?  The way that we suggest is to have as much information and Detail as possible about the Addresses, Names of Business or Agency or Government Location Delivering to. And the Best Phone Number at both your Shipping and Receiving Locations as well.

  The number of Pallets or Crates (as you will have them packaged and ready for pick up on Day of Shipping), listed out with the weight and dimensions (Length x width x height) for each one when sending us your quote ensures an accurate quote.   Always a good description of what is shipping and any special requirements or pick up hours. (Special requirements include a Lift gate if you or your shipper do not have a Lift-gate of your own or a Loading or Receiving dock, but if your pallets or crates are over about 6 feet, please make sure that your Shipping and Receiving party will have their own forklifts and or Loading docks. (Because of your shipment’s over-length).  

After an incredibly stressful year, many businesses are re-gearing with new Carriers and Brokers and at the same time trying to Improve & Streamline their costs and Customer Service. JSB Enterprises The Shipping Emporium is here for YOU!     Should you have any other specific questions, please reach me by phone or email us    703-304-8170.  Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!  

Kind Regards,   Jane Barnett the Shipping Emporium  MC 852417      Duns 078483342     CAGE Code 78HM5 eVA Vendor 91829 and SWAM cert 701061 We are also micro-business Certified DBE CERTIFIED, SWaM Certified Jane Barnett- JSB Enterprises LLC d/b/a The Shipping Emporium (703) 304 8170 (434) 990-4144   Central Virginia BBB Accredited Business CALL US at 434 990 4144 or 703-304-8170

Lift Gate ?

January 25, 2022


At The Shipping Emporium we will help you figure out the easiest and best way

To ship your LTL Freight. For your Freight Transportation Needs. Consider Hiring The Shipping Emporium. For your LTL (Less Than Truckload). Many times our clients are billed for extra some charges.

These are for extra services that may be needed, such as Liftgate, Inside Delivery, Notification or Delivery Appointments, or Limited Access.

What is a Lift Gate Charge?

When a Lift Gate service is made, the driver will move your pallet (s) Liftgates are almost always required at Residential pick ups and Deliveries. And, they may be needed at either your shipper location or your delivery location or both.

When a Lift Gate is required, it will be best to keep us posted before picking up or even at least one business day ahead.  If your pallet (or pallets) are 2500 pounds or much less or also less than 95 inches than we can get a lift gate ordered for you on a Dry Van or even a Box Truck.

Unless in many cases you will not need to have a Lift gate for a delivery because both your shipper and your consignee location have their own loading dock or a forklift of their own.

Keep in mind that your location for pick up and delivery will be required to assist with the loading and unloading for your shipment.

Watch your pallets weight as many of our LTL Carriers have trucks that can’t use a liftgate for more than 2500 pounds on a Lift Gate.

What is an Inside Delivery?

An Inside Delivery Can be for Commercial or Residential Deliveries, both.

Usually the LTL shipment (pallet or pallets) will be brought inside by our Carriers

Through the First Door and out of the weather. The cost will vary so please ask The Shipping Emporium before booking your LTL. Any Residential Charge, Limited Access, Lift Gate or Appointments Charges for you will be extra and if needed.

What is LTL and Etc?

LTL Freight (Less than Truckload) is a transportation method when your shipment takes only part of the carrier’s trailer. Your freight is stacked into pallets or crates. If your shipment has more than 6 pallets or if they are over 6 feet your linear foot increases, then can your cost for LTL (Less Than Truckload).

Every client’s shipment is different, so please let us know how many pallets or crates and the weight and dimensions for Each (in length x width x height). We can analyze your shipment to find out for you which carriers are less to your destination and if LTL, Volume LTL, or Partial Truckload are most cost-efficient for you.

For these special requirements for your LTL or Truckload please contact The Shipping Emporium to find out more about your requirements, and the best option for you. Please call or email us at or 434 990 4144 or 703-304-8170 or via our Contact us form on our website.

A partial Truckload is a freight mode for larger and heavier shipments that may not require the use of a Full Truckload Trailer. In many cases these shipments are over 6 pallets and or over 5000 pounds.

We hire the following top LTL Less than Truckload) Carriers and our Independent Carrier network for Full Truckloads is significantly larger.

A sample list of our LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers

Ward LTL


YRC Freight

ABF Freight

Southeastern LTL Freight

Midwest Motors

Land & Air

Frontline Freight

Forward Air

Pitt Ohio

A Duie Pyle

Clear Lane Carrier

Reddaway Freight Lines

New Penn Freight

XPO Logistics

R & L Carriers

Holland Transportation

Feel free to reach out to THE SHIPPING EMPORIUM with Any questions or for a quote.

Call or email us or if you prefer here is our Online form for your No- Obligation Quote Request


What is Freight Shipping?

What is Freight Shipping?

What Services does The Shipping Emporium offer to our Business?

Trucking Service by LTL or TL carriers.

Flat Bed or Dry Van.

Some Intermodal Rail- Long Haul Generally 1000-3000 + miles

Freight shipping is the process of transporting commodities, goods and cargo by land, sea, or air. Common types of freight shipping over the road include truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal. Freight itself can be defined as the goods transported by truck, train. In some cases, we offer you carriers for long-haul that are less expensive, offer East Coast to West Coast shipping or vice versa West Coast to East Coast. (ClearLane and Frontline are two examples).

Some of our LTL (less than Truckload) carriers include

ABF Freight (ARC BEST)




New Penn


Clear Lane


Southeastern Freight

Forward Air


Midwest Motors

A Duie Pyle

Pitt Ohio

What does a Freight Broker Do?

A freight broker is someone who assists shippers with freight ready to haul by finding carriers who are qualified to haul the load. … Freight brokers can run their own business or work for a freight broker company. They are responsible for arranging the transportation and tracking of a load hauled by a freight carrier.

Call or email us now to find out more. (434) 990-4144 or (703) 304-8170.

What is a Lift Gate for a truck?

What is a Lift gate and why would we need to order one?

Our customers usually order a Lift gate at (pick up or at The Delivery) to make pick up or delivery easy without a Loading Dock.  If you are unable to load your freight into our Carriers Van.

Do we have to order a Lift gate in advance?

It is probably easier (though not always realistic we know how often this is last minute for you) to plan and find out if BOTH your Shipper location and your Consignee Locations are commercial with docks or Forklifts on site. If they do, this will make your LTL Freight shipping both more economical and more economical to accomplish. Include in your Quote request to The Shipping Emporium then if you do or do not need a Lift gate to come on the truck that we send for either your shipper location or your destination.

What Is a Liftgate?

Also known as a lift, this is a mechanical device that can be installed on the truck’s rear to enable the handling of goods. It either can move cargo from the pavement to the truck or from the truck bed to the pavement.

If you Have a Forklift, Do you also need A Lift Gate? Lift gates only needed by Shippers and Consignees that DO NOT have a forklift or shipping dock available. With Loading docks, the truck that we will be sending to you can be backed up to the platform and unloaded since it does not need to be adjusted to the ground.

Is Having a Loading dock or a Forklift on Hand Required?

Our clients freight shipments are delivered from one loading dock to another, and the freight is offloaded directly from the truck with a pallet jack or a Loading Dock.  But for pick-up or delivery locations without either a dock or forklift – that is specially where you need to order a liftgate. As long as your pallets are not too heavy, the average carrier’s Lift gate is for 2500 pounds or less. And the length of the pallet must not be more than 96 inches.

Feel Free to call The Shipping Emporium at 703 304 8170 or  434 990 4144 before your next shipment to make sure that you are all set for a smooth pick up and delivery without any surprises or confusion about a Lift gate or if you have to have one.

We’re SWAM, DBE and Micro-Business Certified

Can your business find the right SWAM, DBE and Micro Vendor match?

Finding the right logistics partner for your Business, or your Agency can be a challenge. We are the Shipping Emporium, located in Central Virginia yet handling Logistics for Clients (Business and Government Agencies) in all regions of the USA.

We are small and personable- The Shipping Emporium led by Jane Barnett promises to respond to your Phone call or Email within 2 Business Hours.

To transform your shipping process from complex to a simple, faster, and cost-effective solution you need the right third -party logistic partner. Who understands your Business or Agency? You may ask- “How do I find a ‘good rate’ for a carrier and also handle all of our Bill of Ladings, Scheduling pick-ups and deliveries, and also any other service issues”?

What Services for Our Business can you offer?

Full Truck Load (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Some International LTL to CANADA and Cargo Insurance.

What can you expect?

We are here to help your business to enjoy more customer service for LTL or TL (Less Than Truckload or Truckload Shipping) and to make your customers happy. And taking care of the whole shipping process. As a busy owner or manager, you need to focus on core areas of your business or agency. That is why you would probably enjoy a partner who would create your bill of landings, (BOL) schedule your pickups, track the orders, and handle any changes along the way.

Deliver your products to your customers on time (when possible) according to the plan. No need to deal with unsatisfied customers. You can ask us if you need the time critical/expedited service which will guarantee your delivery date and ship your goods faster than standard LTL service.

We can help you to choose the most suitable Truck- TL, Flatbed, or LTL service option for your goods. Full truckload for large shipments. Less than truckload when you do not need a full truck, because you need to ship a smaller number of pallets. You can find good rates for expedited, time critical, or we have slower options for long distances to SAVE MONEY with our dedicated service professionals.  Call or Email us TODAY for a FAST and Free Quote and needs assessment. Imagine that there will be always someone on the line who will be willing to help you at The Shipping Emporium!

How do we make sure that our goods are covered if Cargo Insurance is needed? At the Shipping Emporium, all customers are offered cargo insurance. To offer you Cargo Insurance, we need to know: If your Goods are NEW or Used, what is the Invoice Value that you paid for these products The Commodity and Description.

We are also DBE Certified on cert #701061 until September 2023

eVA Vendor # 91829 and SWAM cert # 701061

Call us today and see what we can do for you! It is a pleasure working with you.

Jane Barnett- JSB Enterprises LLC d/b/a The Shipping Emporium

(703) 304 8170

(434) 990-4144

Central Virginia BBB Accredited Business

CALL US at 703-304-8170 or 434 990 4144

How we can save you time & Money

DEC 3 2021

How We Help You Save Time and money

Freight shipping can take a big bite out of your budget- especially when it comes to Less Than Truckload shipping!

The Shipping Emporium handles these situations every day, and we’ve put together this list below to help you save on shipping and PROTECT YOUR PROFIT.

We are DBE Certified on certificate 701061, SWAM AND MICRO Certified all until October 2023!



1) Measure every pallet or crate (length x width x height) and weight. 2) Package your Freight correctly. 3) Only use Standard LTL when your shipment is not a rush. Get a quote for Expedited or Time Critical if needed. 4) Buy Cargo Insurance to protect your shipment in transit, we offer very low rates for Cargo coverage. We will offer your Cargo insurance and include your rate for that, based on what is shipping, the value and other factors.     5) Partner with an experienced TL and LTL provider like Shipping Emporium! We can be your Qualified Sub-contractor. Please Call for details.
• Schedule your pickups, track orders  • Handling all of your BOLs and all service-related calls • Audit your invoices to be sure you’re billed correctly • Liaise with the carriers on your behalf • Find you the best pricing for the EXACT Freight services that YOU need – we are specialized in TL (Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload).