TL Services (Full Truckload)

What are TL (Truckload) Services?

  • Truckload Services
  • Dry Van 48 to 52 foot
  • Partial Dry Van services
  • Flat Bed Trucks
  • Step-Deck (Flat Beds with Ramps)

Truckload Shipping is the movement of larger amounts of Freight usually more than about 12 pallets, but the shipments’ linear space and weight are what determines the Full Truckload need.

The importance of your shipment’s weight and dimensions are critical for LTL and Truckload services both. Also, we must assume that your shipment is Non-stackable unless you tell us that it is stackable. You need to (or your shipper will need to) weigh your shipment on a scale and use a tape measure to find Each pallet- length x width x height. Your quotes will be more accurate with the correct information on each Pallet or Crates weight and length x width x height.

Why are Full Truck Loads different than LTL (Less than Truckload)? Does this option save us money?

Full truck loads can save your company money if your linear space (number of pallets, weight, and dimensions) are more than half of the 50-foot trailer. In many cases, a few pallets, and crates of furniture longer than 100 inches can take up more than a typical LTL (Less than Truckload) space. That means sky-high pricing for your LTL carrier to pick up OR even beyond their tariff rules and they can refuse to pick up. A dedicated truck/ full truck load is also usually direct- and does not need to go from terminal to terminal to be routed.

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