Is your company is shipping often, over 150 pounds per shipment?

At the Shipping Emporium, you can rely on the big network of our trusted carriers at trucking companies all across the country. Your company does not need to look for the best freight carriers at the best price for each and every domestic TL or LTL freight that you have- we handle every detail for you!

Why do you ask me so many questions to get a quote?

We ask you many questions when booking and quoting, mainly for the
purpose of finding the best price for you and for speeding up customer

Does The Shipping Emporium help with administrative tasks associated with my freight shipping?

Yes, we absolutely will! You- the customer- will provide all the information needed for the quote & our bill of lading.

Can you call and handle delivery appointments?

If needed, yes! We can communicate with you every step of the way, providing tracking numbers, delivery and pick up information, and more.

Does The Shipping Emporium handle freight classing as needed for LTL shipping?

Yes we do!

How big does my shipment need to be to best reduce cost?

When you have a shipment that weighs more than 4,900 pounds or has more than six pallets, we can make sure that the truck ordered for you is not only the most suitable, but also for the lowest possible cost!

If you would like to get a freight quote, please fill out our online form or give us a call today at (434) 990-4144.