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Hello & Warm Regards from, Jane Barnett, The Shipping Emporium. We’d like to review your LTL and TL shipping needs, to see how we can both save your company, and offer you all of the Freight Carriers on the market.

We can help you to choose the most suitable truck- TL, Flatbed, Dry van or LTL service Option for your goods and for your company.  Less Than Truckload (LTL Carriers) are for when you do not need a full truck, and you ship a smaller number of pallets.

Call or Email The Shipping Emporium Today for a fast and Free Freight quote! We handle literally everything for you, including the BOLs and we may be able to save you money.

Consolidated Freight takes up less space on the truck, and in LTL Shipping the less space that a shipment takes up, the lower your freight rate will be!

How will you know if you could save money with a Dedicated truck for a larger shipment OR save money with an LTL Carrier for a shipment that is over-length but if palatalized could go by LTL?

This is what The Shipping Emporium will handle for you. Our goal is to find YOU the best Carriers for your money. It will always be based upon what is shipping and the size of each pallet. That is how we can save you money, along with shopping our carrier network for the best rates.

3) For the space of the truck, when you consolidate your freight then your shipment will be denser. Denser shipments are less expensive to transport. Potentially save money on your LTL shipments with our help at The Shipping Emporium.

When you reach out, we will ask several questions to make sure that the right sized truck is sent and to ensure the best possible Freight Quote. Please be sure to include accurate Dimensions (length x width x height) for each pallet or handling unit.

A short-list of what my company, The Shipping Emporium can do for you:

BOL Creation and changes. Dispatch and scheduling.

Invoice Auditing and extra phone calls or inquiries to you and to the dispatcher if needed.

We can assist when you are sending unusual or haz-mat, including batteries.

Verify delivery appointments.

We sure hope that we can help your company or agency with your next Freight order.

PS Here are some more tips! 

Book early. Heavy freight volumes are expected right after the holidays, so we recommend getting your shipments booked as soon as you can!

Some of our Quotes are now good for 7 days. That means, that the price is subject to change.

What is over-sized LTL? If you have a shipment weight that is 5000 to 10,000 pounds or more, or if your shipments Linear space is more than15-20 linear feet, that is over-sized. It will depend on the commodity being shipped, please let us know your full shipment details.

If you have any questions or need a quote to meet your upcoming LTL or TL needs, please keep us posted, soon as you can!

Here is a Short-list of the services that we can offer your company:

FTL- Dedicated Truck (Dry Van and Flat Bed)

LTL – Less than truckload services with major carriers. (ALL USA and some between USA and Canada).

Cargo Insurance (to protect your goods).


The Shipping Emporium

Thanks and Regards from,

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