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June 26 2020

June 26, 2020

Hello from – The Shipping Emporium, your 3PL for Domestic Truckloads or for LTL Carrier services.


At The Shipping Emporium, we will do the legwork to find you the best and most economical Truck for your shipment, and for your specific pickup and delivery needs (For example- pick up or Delivery on a day you choose, Delivery to a – Military Base, Government Location, School or Prison).  Ahead of time deciding is a Lift-gate Required on the truck or other requirements. Our Goal is also to help you to stay on Budget and to Make Freight Shipping (LTL or TL) easier for you!

LTL (Less Than Truckload) Freight could be a shipment that is 6 pallets or Less (although there are some exceptions.

Partial Truckloads could be loads that are more than 6 pallets or more than 6000 pounds yet take up only half of a trailer space (53-foot van).

If you are interested in Density- Based Freight Classing (For LTL services- Classing based on weight and Dimensions for all pallets or units shipping) this is offered by some- not all LTL Carriers and we can help determine the best and lowest rates

Full Truckload (FTL) is for more than half of a Trailer space up to a FULL truck load 53 van space.

For heavy or large LTL shipments it may be cost-effective to consider volume services or partial Truckloads. You can notify us what you are shipping, weights, and dimensions (l x w x ht) to do an analysis, including checking your rates for- LTL, Partial Truckload, or Full Truckload.

The weight of a shipment of 10,000 or more pounds OR 8-10 or more linear space (even for less than 10,000 pounds) might place it into differing trucking options however the Dimensions of each unit (pallet or crate) plus matters more.

Every customer & Every shipment are different- so please reach out when you need a rate & a pick up!

Please contact us any time if you need a Freight Quote.

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