What is LTL and Etc?

LTL Freight (Less than Truckload) is a transportation method when your shipment takes only part of the carrier’s trailer. Your freight is stacked into pallets or crates. If your shipment has more than 6 pallets or if they are over 6 feet your linear foot increases, then can your cost for LTL (Less Than Truckload).

Every client’s shipment is different, so please let us know how many pallets or crates and the weight and dimensions for Each (in length x width x height). We can analyze your shipment to find out for you which carriers are less to your destination and if LTL, Volume LTL, or Partial Truckload are most cost-efficient for you.

For these special requirements for your LTL or Truckload please contact The Shipping Emporium to find out more about your requirements, and the best option for you. Please call or email us at or 434 990 4144 or 703-304-8170 or via our Contact us form on our website.

A partial Truckload is a freight mode for larger and heavier shipments that may not require the use of a Full Truckload Trailer. In many cases these shipments are over 6 pallets and or over 5000 pounds.

We hire the following top LTL Less than Truckload) Carriers and our Independent Carrier network for Full Truckloads is significantly larger.

A sample list of our LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers

Ward LTL


YRC Freight

ABF Freight

Southeastern LTL Freight

Midwest Motors

Land & Air

Frontline Freight

Forward Air

Pitt Ohio

A Duie Pyle

Clear Lane Carrier

Reddaway Freight Lines

New Penn Freight

XPO Logistics

R & L Carriers

Holland Transportation

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