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The Shipping Emporium can transform your shipping process, from complex to a simple, faster and more cost-effective solution. And the Shipping Emporium, as your 3rd party Logistics provider can simply your process and perhaps save your company time or money, with our large network of 1000s of Common Carriers (for LTL shipping) and Independent Carrier (for FTL/ Truck loads). (This means better rates & service for you!

When your company does have shippable goods on a PO for an Eva

(commonwealth of Virginia) buyer you are ready for a cost-effective and

simple way to order a truck, handle the service-related issues and we’ll

also communicate with you every step of the way.

Increase your potential for more government business, as we can offer to

be your sub-contracting partner (as a certified small, women owned)

Provider. We have experience handling Freight (LTL or TL) for many

companies such as yours in the government contracting space. We are SWAM and Micro-business Certified!

You can call or email us (or go online to www.shippingemp.com anytime

for a free & no obligation freight quote. www.shippingemp.com.

The Shipping Emporium is different because we can go “above and beyond” for your company, offering immediate customer service tailored to your needs- All calls and emails are answered within 5 minutes to 2 business hours at the most. Our pricing is very competitive- why not call or

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