Lift Gate ?

January 25, 2022


At The Shipping Emporium we will help you figure out the easiest and best way

To ship your LTL Freight. For your Freight Transportation Needs. Consider Hiring The Shipping Emporium. For your LTL (Less Than Truckload). Many times our clients are billed for extra some charges.

These are for extra services that may be needed, such as Liftgate, Inside Delivery, Notification or Delivery Appointments, or Limited Access.

What is a Lift Gate Charge?

When a Lift Gate service is made, the driver will move your pallet (s) Liftgates are almost always required at Residential pick ups and Deliveries. And, they may be needed at either your shipper location or your delivery location or both.

When a Lift Gate is required, it will be best to keep us posted before picking up or even at least one business day ahead.  If your pallet (or pallets) are 2500 pounds or much less or also less than 95 inches than we can get a lift gate ordered for you on a Dry Van or even a Box Truck.

Unless in many cases you will not need to have a Lift gate for a delivery because both your shipper and your consignee location have their own loading dock or a forklift of their own.

Keep in mind that your location for pick up and delivery will be required to assist with the loading and unloading for your shipment.

Watch your pallets weight as many of our LTL Carriers have trucks that can’t use a liftgate for more than 2500 pounds on a Lift Gate.

What is an Inside Delivery?

An Inside Delivery Can be for Commercial or Residential Deliveries, both.

Usually the LTL shipment (pallet or pallets) will be brought inside by our Carriers

Through the First Door and out of the weather. The cost will vary so please ask The Shipping Emporium before booking your LTL. Any Residential Charge, Limited Access, Lift Gate or Appointments Charges for you will be extra and if needed.