Volume LTL?

June 3, 2022

For Dry Vans (including LTL Carriers)

if your shipment is much larger than 6 pallets please call The Shipping Emporium to see if you need a Full Truckload service. Our FTL rates are based on dedicated service and are more cost-effective at time for heavy

or full loads of pallet shipping.

How big does my shipment need to be to best reduce cost?

When you have a shipment that weighs more than 4900 pounds or has more than 6 pallets. we can make sure that the truck ordered for you is not only the most suitable, but also the lowest possible cost!

How about Lift -gates?

Most lift gates on trucks can fit freight that is about 2500 or less per pallet, with the range

Being anywhere from 1500 pounds at most to 3500 at most depends on the truck and the carrier.

If the dimensions are 96 x 48 or less. The weight limit is 2500 pounds per pallet

(Usually and may differ some by trucking company used). Lift gates on our Carriers vans usually

Can hold 96  x 48 inches, some less.

Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments are usually 1 to 6 pallets (one to six) and can weigh usually about

100 to 5000 pounds.

LTL Carriers usually define LTL freight guidelines for a single shipment to be between 100

And 10000 pounds. Although we have some LTL carriers that take only up to 7,000 pounds and

One that will take LTL up to 15,000. Let us know more about your shipment, and it’s size so that we can find the truck, and the best fit for you and your budget! For a flat bed truck the usual range for lift is between 1000 to 3000 pounds.

Freight transportation is the process of transporting commodities or commercial goods. Usually by Less than Truckload (LTL), Full truckload or even Intermodal/ Rail.

Carefully package and prepare your pallet shipping for your LTL carriers and for your Truckload carriers as well. Let us know if your shipment requires special handling or Equipment (Perishables, fragile, or Haz-mat).

If you need any special services at all, please let us know when asking for a quote, so that you will have this on your estimate. For example, Appointments, LIFT-GATES, Haz-mat, or Inside Delivery, or Limited Access for Pick up or Delivery. All services needed for pick up and Delivery need to be requested on your quote or they could be added to your bill if needed when truck comes.

TL (Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping are both very unique as each customers. Call us at 703-304-8170 or email customerservice@shippingemp.com.