TL and LTL differences?

August 28, 2020

Hi From- The Shipping Emporium, your Best Qualified provider for LTLs and TLs both. Here are some tips that could be helpful for your company. Please let us know if you need a quote anytime, email, phone or by website online form are all great. Our Services include: LTL Freight in the USA and Canada Truckloads and Partial Truckloads Cargo Insurance Limited Small International Packages 1.Truckload. You may have more than 8-10 pallets and differing on the weight and dimensions that will also play a role in how much truck space is needed. Your shipment COULD be either a PARTIAL Truck load or a Truckload for this size. Simply ask us at The Shipping Emporium to run some quotes for you and remember that sometimes a Truck quote is good only for 1-2 days for heavier shipping. (If you are planning ahead we can give you an estimate). 2. Your quotes may not be valid if your shipment takes 8 linear feet or more. Make sure you receive a ‘spot quote’ from a shipping partner like The Shipping Emporium rather than an online based automated quote. (Or if we have an online rate for you please have us double check that it is valid based on the number of pallets, their size (l x w x ht) and weight each pallet. 3.Pallet or Skid? Often, they are inter-changeable except that a Skid may be only part of a pallet. A Pallet is a flat structure with both a top and a bottom deck, of three or four deck boards. A skid has only a top deck. You may be needing a Pallet, except in a few cases only a skid for shipping LTL. 4. Packaging. If you are the buyer and picking up at a vendor’s dock, require pictures of your wrapped and bound and palatalized freight. Ask them for the correct dimensions (l x w x ht) number of pallets, and if the skids are stack-able or non. 5. Pictures. It is a good idea for your shipper to take pictures and to show a tape measure, if possible, for your shipments size (length x width x height). There can be billing issues later and if you can provide this information then you can be ensured that you can win a billing dispute. Also, in the event of a claim you will fare better through a Carrier claim with pictures taken right before loading. 6. Transit Times. If you expect that you need and LTL shipment guaranteed by a certain date, you could save money by going with Standard LTL vs “Time Critical”. The latter will put the guaranteed delivery date and time while the Standard LTL service is an estimated transit time. Time Critical shipping is given higher priority. There are times when you can save more time and aggravation by upgrading to time- critical on your LTL. Just ask us if there are options for time critical for you! For more information Call the Shipping Emporium to find out which TL or LTL shipping will work best for you. (703) 304-8170 or (434) 990-4144. Thank you for your business! Ruckersville/ Barboursville, VA 22968 (703) 304 8170 (434) 990-4144 Member: BBB Certified Member of Central Virginia Better Business Bureau. CALL US at 703-304-8170 or 434 990 4144 MC 852417 Duns 078483342 CAGE Code 78HM5 eVA Vendor 91829 and SWAM cert 701061 Small Women Owned Business © Copyright 2013-2020