Saving you time and money on LTL

Saving you time and money on LTL
LTL Freight (Less than Truckload) is a transportation method when your shipment takes only part of the carrier’s trailer. Your freight is stacked into pallets, crates, large boxes and is combined with shipments from other business in a truck. This does make LTL (Less than Truckload) a reliable and cost-effective solution for shippers and business’ who have small amounts of goods (at least 150 pounds for LTL Less Than Truckload normally).If your shipment is 96 inches or more (over-length) or has any special requirements, then we will need to offer you a spot -quote. For this, please call or email us directly. Let us handle the hassle of Freight shipping for you!

Haz-mat .     Over-length (over 86 inches)  ,    More than 5 pallets / more than 5000 pounds,       Restricted commodity (such as Alcohol),    High Value and or Request for Cargo Insurance For these special requirements for your LTL or Truck load please contact The Shipping Emporium to find out more about your requirements, and the best option for you. Please call or email us at or 434 990 4144
We hire the following top LTL Carriers and our Independent Carrier network for Full Truckloads is significantly larger.

A sample list of our LTL carriers
Forward Air
Ward LTL
YRC Freight
ABF Freight
Southeastern LTL Freight
Central Freight
Frontline Freight
Clear Lane Carrier
Reddaway Freight Lines
New Penn Freight
XPO Logistics
R & L Carriers
Holland Transportation
Daylight Transportation

Feel free to reach out to THE SHIPPING EMPORIUM with Any questions or for a quote. GET A FREIGHT QUOTE

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Shipping Q&A: How big does my shipment need to be to reduce costs?
A: When you have a shipment that weighs more than 5000 pounds or has more than 6 pallets, we can make sure that the truck ordered for you is not only the most suitable, but also for the lowest possible cost.
How We Help You SAVE time and money
• Schedule your pickups, track orders • Handling all of your BOLs and all service-related calls• Audit your invoices to be sure you’re billed correctly• Contact the carriers on your behalf and contact you as well on status.• Find you the best pricing for the EXACT Freight services that YOU need – we are specialized in TL (Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload).
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Great ServiceBuying your freight services should be a good experience—let us handle compliance issues and carrier hassles for you!Great PricingLeverage our knowledge and our network of hundreds of carriers to properly define your needs and get your best rate.ExperiencedWe are experienced at handling pickups and deliveries to and from the federal and state governments and universities.
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