Reduce costs with LTL

At the Shipping Emporium (your International and Domestic Freight Forwarder), we are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective services to our customers, especially for freight at 100 pounds or higher per shipment. 

 By working with carriers across the country, we can offer you the most competitive rates because we have the expert knowledge to negotiate on your behalf. Just as we have for many of Virginia’s Agencies and Universities, and for suppliers on contract with them.

We are supported by our Industries Association- The Transportation Intermediaries and are “Performance Certified” and in good standing. When it comes to deciding if you need to Ship by LTL, Partial Truckload or Truckload you can ask us. If you have a small parcels carrier and you need a shipment over 100 pounds you will pay more than necessary for these shipments.

This is a great reason to call the Shipping Emporium, because your shipment is between 100 pounds to 44,000 pounds, For shipments, usually less than 5000 pounds and less than 6 pallets you are going to need an LTL carrier. Smaller shipments do not require and entire trailer. LTL Carrier combine smaller shipments into one truck, saving you money because you do not need to pay for an entire trailer space. By hiring The Shipping Emporium, you are not committed to any long term agreements with one provider, you do not have to wait to slot in to the schedule of any one company. Your company will have access to many transportation providers whenever suits your business needs. Our founder Jane Barnett has extensive experience in managing customers’ shipping needs and she has helped our customers to resolve delivery problems.  It’s all part of our service.  We can help you to reduce your shipping costs, ensure that your deliveries arrive safely and promptly (as possible).     Warmly, Jane Barnett   The Shipping Emporium