Oversized LTL


What is LTL Freight? Your Guide to Shipping LTL Freight You’ll learn when to ship LTL, what LTL freight is, how to prepare LTL shipments.  LTL freight shipments typically consist of crates, oversized parcels over 6, The Dimensions and weight can also play a role in determining. Will depend on each carrier.

Purchasing oversized items, like furniture or equipment online is becoming more common as well. However, many people still experience difficulties when it comes to shipping oversized items.

In our current market, LTL freight is now often delayed because of our carriers returning to a pre-pandemic normal. And over-sized shipments often take an extra day or so for delivery. Please Check with The Shipping Emporium to see if we have the right service for you and at the right price!

Shipping oversized items via LTL   Freight Carriers

One of the best possible alternatives for large pieces transportation is LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping. LTL shipping does not require the full truck capacity, and you can pay only for space you use. LTL shipping providers, like GoShip.com, offer user-friendly services for safe and convenient delivery of large items. Many of these services are based on the online marketplaces, so you can arrange delivery 24/7 without extra needed communication. To approximately understand the cost of a certain shipment, you can get a Quote from us based on the size and dimensions of the object.

Often large shipments cannot be delivered by standard parcel services and need a complex packing. To deliver your items safely, shipping services offer palletizing, wrapping, cushioning, or crating. There are also other additional services, such as lift gates, to make the shipping as comfortable as possible for you.

Benefits of LTL

If safety and convenience are important for you, LTL shipping is the soundest solution for your needs. You don’t have to worry about burdensome operations or communication with dozens of people. Everything is done online within few clicks. Online shipping services not only let you easily and safely move items but also offer reasonable pricing.

It is always challenging to arrange such complicated things when shipping all by yourself. It can turn out to be more expensive and stressful delivery, than when using a trusted LTL shipping provider.  Trusted shipping services, like The Shipping Emporium have an extensive network of carriers to meet all the needed options to meet your expectations.

Overlength means that the length of the freight shipment exceeds a certain limit the carrier designates. Commodities that tend to have overlength fees assessed include lumber, pipes, and steel rods. This is sometimes referred to as extreme length.

What Is Oversize Freight? When a freight load exceeds defined limitations, it is referred to as oversize freight, oversize load, or heavy haul. Shipping oversize freight requires specialized logistics since special equipment and careful pre-planning are needed because oversize freight exceeds design clearances

LTL Shipping —What are LTL freight size limitations? Freight that is wider than 8ft 6 inches or taller than 13 ft 6 inches is typically considered oversized freight. Shipments.

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