LTL, TL and Cargo Insurance

LTL Less Than Truckload

When you call us at “The Shipping Emporium” for all your 3pl Logistics needs, we will be offering you: Full Truckload, LTL (Less Than Truckload) and Cargo Insurance.

We offer both: Flat Bed and Dry Van Carriers, including Dedicated Truck if needed.

We are your experts in Virginia on Domestic Freight Forwarding, and we serve our business and government clients all over the USA in All Regions.

You may be needing us for your Dry Van Shipping, or Flat bed. Or maybe you are not sure what kind of truck you need, so please let us guide you. We can offer your company a Free Freight Quote.

Expedited Shipping

When you need to have a shipment delivered by a certain day and time, your shipment also must be picked up by a certain time. Ask us if your shipment can go by Expedited or Time Critical and what the options are for you.

We do have access to thousands of Flat Bed Trucks and Dry Van both of different sizes and options to meet your needs.

As a Freight Broker, we are not limited to one certain lane, we have you covered for all your Domestic Freight Shipping needs.

Freight Transportation Arrangement

Remember that we can offer all Business, Government and University Clients- Full Truck Loads, Less Than Truckloads and General Freight Trucking.

We also can offer you: Guaranteed LTL Freight, Hauling Services, Less Than Truckload Shipping

When you pick up our Freight who Loads and Unloads?

The current trend in our market is for “No Touch” Loading and Unloading for the Truck Drivers. Your team is responsible for loading and unloading unless other arrangements are made. Remember to let The Shipping Emporium know if either your Shipper or your Consignee does not have a Dock or Forklift before Quoting & Booking with the Shipping Emporium.

In summary, there are many LTL carriers and many LTL and TL providers, The Shipping Emporium will be your “One Stop Shop” for all of your pick ups and deliveries to and from Commercial locations, government entities and Universities and Schools.

We look forward to hearing from you. The Shipping Emporium