Let us Lift the Burden of Handling your Freight

Your SWAM, MICRO & DBE Certified Freight Broker

Hello from The Shipping Emporium. Do you need to deliver Specialized equipment to universities? Heavy items to prisons? Equipment to military bases and agencies?

The Shipping Emporium has you covered! We are DBE Certified on certificate 701061, SWAM AND MICRO Certified, all until October 2023!
Services we offer include : LTL Freight, TL Freight, Cargo Insurance, Some International – Canada only by LTL

Can your business find the right SWAM, DBE and Micro Vendor match?Finding the right logistics partner for your Public Agency can be a challenge. We are the Shipping Emporium, located in Central Virginia yet handling Logistics for Clients (Business and Government Agencies) in all regions of the USA. We are small and personable- we can answer any call or email in “Less than two business hours”! To transform your shipping process from complex to a simple, faster, and cost-effective solution you need the right third -party logistic partner. Who understands your University or Agency? You may ask- “How do I find a ‘good rate’ for a carrier and also handle all of our Bill of Ladings, Scheduling pick-ups and deliveries, and also any other service issues”?

What can you expect? We are here to help your business grow and make your customers happy. And taking care of the whole shipping process. As a busy owner or manager, you need to focus on core areas of your business or agency. That is why you would probably enjoy a partner who would create your bill of landings, (BOL) schedule your pickups, track the orders and taking care of the invoices. Which will be directly sent to you.

Deliver your commercial goods to your customers on time (when possible) according to the plan. No need to deal with unsatisfied customers. You can ask us if you need the time critical/expedited service which will guarantee your delivery date and ship your goods faster than standard LTL service.

We can help you to choose the most suitable Truck- TL, Flatbed, or LTL service option for your goods. Full truckload for large shipments. Less than truckload when you do not need a full truck, because you need to ship a smaller number of pallets. You can find good rates for expedited, time critical, or we have slower options for long distances to SAVE MONEY with our dedicated service professionals. Call or Email us TODAY for a FAST and Free Quote and needs assessment. Imagine that there will be always someone on the line who will be willing to help you at The Shipping Emporium!

How do we make sure that our goods are covered if Cargo Insurance is needed? At the Shipping Emporium, all customers are offered cargo insurance. To offer you Cargo Insurance, we need to know: If your Goods are NEW or Used, what is the Invoice Value that you paid for these goods, The Commodity and Description.

How We Help You SAVE time and money• Schedule your pickups, track orders • Handling all of your BOLs and all service-related calls• Audit your invoices to be sure you’re billed correctly• Liaise with the carriers on your behalf (save you time)• Find you the best pricing for the EXACT Freight services that YOU need – we are specialized in TL (Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload). Get a Quote Now!