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June 8, 2020

Subject: Sub-Contracting to meet your DMBE subcontracting plan? ~ Partnering With ~ The Shipping Emporium

Good Afternoon – from your SWAM certified Freight Services Provider (LTL, TL and partial TLs offered at GREAT pricing from 100s of carriers in our network) The Shipping Emporium, your small, women owned vendor under eVA cert # 91829 and SWAM cert # 701061.

Our trucking services (From a pallet to an entire Truckload) are currently being used at many of the Universities and Agencies in Virginia that YOUR BUSINESS is already a service-provider for.

You can Ship Your Goods Faster, Easier and At Competitive Rates with – The Shipping Emporium. The Shipping Emporium is your ideal Trucking services provider to – all your commercial clients, and other Agencies in the state of Virginia, or to Federal Agencies and Military bases. If you are finding that your current process is too time consuming, and that the customer service could be better, then please call us.

How do I find a “good rate ” for a carrier who can also provide the extra services needed- without overcharging us–?

Some of our customers have utilized online based 3PL freight services and have been “happy with the price” but not the service. This is a perfect example of how & why you should call or email the Shipping Emporium for your LTL or TL Freight move!

Also, you are going to be incredibly happy with the Outstanding Customer Service that we do provide at The Shipping Emporium. Including, handling all Your BOL’s and all service- related phone calls to you and to the other parties.

We are experienced at handling pickups and deliveries to and from US Government and or State of Virginia Agencies and Universities. 

Buying your Freight services (Domestic- over 150 pounds, or more than 4 feet x 4 feet regardless of weight) should be a good experience—please let us handle the compliance issues and carrier hassles for you! We will also audit your invoices to be sure you’re billed correctly and also liaise with the carriers, find you the best pricing for the Freight services that YOU need whether you’re listing our company as your DMBE certified sub-contractor for the state of Virginia (eVA) or also for your Federal contracting because we’re certified as a EDWOSB there too.

We are different because we sit down and meet with you to find out what your biggest concerns are and to make our Customer Service team is “on top of it”– all to your benefit. We are small, yet our pricing is deeply discounted as we offer a wide range of services to businesses and government agencies BOTH. We will ask you a lot of questions, only to make sure that ALL OF YOUR NEEDS are met, and yet you are getting the BEST PRICES.

Q- What is the difference between an LTL or a partial Truckload? A- Depends on the number of pallets, weight and the dimensions. Further, if a pallet or crate is more than 8.5 feet wide, long or tall, you will need a Flat Bed truck as Dry Vans (in other words your’ common carriers’) will not be able to load. However, don’t worry about this and other confusing question about shipping freight, just give the Shipping Emporium a call TODAY!

Q: How does utilizing “The Shipping Emporium” as our service provider for “Freight Services” help us, if we need to include heavy shipping in our bid to the eVA buyer – at a State University or other Institution, does this help us to win against competition? 

There are many reasons but number 1- “Virginia’s buyers have a large goal to reach every year- for 42% procurement with SWAM & Microbusinesses. When you are submitting your bid for consideration, your chances for winning improve, if you list my company, The Shipping Emporium, as your subcontractor, because YOUR SUB-CONTRACTING PLAN counts towards your Buyer’s & their agencies 42% goal!

Call us for your next Freight Quote, and to see what we have to offer your Business.

Thanks, and Regards from,

Jane Barnett- JSB Enterprises LLC d/b/a The Shipping Emporium

(703) 304 8170

(434) 990-4144

Ruckersville/ Barboursville, VA 22968

Member: TIA – Transportation Intermediaries Association

MC 852417      Duns 078483342     CAGE Code 78HM5

eVA Vendor 91829 and SWAM cert 701061

UVA vendor number 273359

We are also micro-business Certified