How we can save you time & Money

DEC 3 2021

How We Help You Save Time and money

Freight shipping can take a big bite out of your budget- especially when it comes to Less Than Truckload shipping!

The Shipping Emporium handles these situations every day, and we’ve put together this list below to help you save on shipping and PROTECT YOUR PROFIT.

We are DBE Certified on certificate 701061, SWAM AND MICRO Certified all until October 2023!



1) Measure every pallet or crate (length x width x height) and weight. 2) Package your Freight correctly. 3) Only use Standard LTL when your shipment is not a rush. Get a quote for Expedited or Time Critical if needed. 4) Buy Cargo Insurance to protect your shipment in transit, we offer very low rates for Cargo coverage. We will offer your Cargo insurance and include your rate for that, based on what is shipping, the value and other factors.     5) Partner with an experienced TL and LTL provider like Shipping Emporium! We can be your Qualified Sub-contractor. Please Call for details.
• Schedule your pickups, track orders  • Handling all of your BOLs and all service-related calls • Audit your invoices to be sure you’re billed correctly • Liaise with the carriers on your behalf • Find you the best pricing for the EXACT Freight services that YOU need – we are specialized in TL (Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload).