Guaranteed and Expedited Shipping

March 27, 2020

Your company is Now more than ever looking into Time Critical/ Guaranteed LTL Freight service? During this trying time, we are all operating, and we have many trucking services (Based on your Lane and sometimes on the Commodity, weight and Dimensions). The Shipping Emporium offers you more than one option for Reliable Freight Shipping through a vast number of LTL carriers or FTL carriers based on your needs.

Very good to have information on a shipment’s desired delivery date—and if the Freight (going by LTL with one of our quality LTL Freight Carriers) needs to be TIME SENSITIVE/ TIME CRITICAL.

What is TIME CRITICAL? We know that when your company needs an expedited shipment that every minute counts!

When contacting the Shipping Emporium for a rate please provide us the following information:

Your Time Critical Date (ie Guaranteed day or delivery is on your BOL (no Holidays or weekends).

Time Critical and Time Definite (Guaranteed) LTL Shipping is for Domestic only. Please provide 1) Company Names for pick up and the Deliveries and 2) Please provide Full addresses and any 3) Special services or requirements including Loading or Unloading assistance if needed.

Customers who select our ‘Standard LTL’ option are going to sometimes experience delays with delivery and with no fault of the carrier—as the normal transit times are not guaranteed. Customers usually prefer ‘Standard LTL’ pricing and therefore it’s more common.

Sometimes, customers who select our ‘Standard LTL’ rate options will experience a Faster delivery, but keep in mind that  ‘Time Critical ’shipments in transit that can take precedence as there is a higher rate for “Time Critical” or “Guaranteed” Delivery. The Rules and Terms and Conditions will also vary from Carrier to Carrier

We have 2 options with our LTL Carriers- Delivery by 12 NOON and Delivery by 5:00 PM. (also based upon your pick-up date).

The cost for the faster delivery – Similar to how truck pricing works, is more expensive. However, Delivery guaranteed by NOON on a certain day is probably higher than 30% more. (Delivery by NOON is more than delivery by 5:00 PM). Depends on carrier.

Call – The Shipping Emporium, ahead of time, to see how – Time Critical OR Time Definite shipping would work for you!

Ask me how to get better rates for LTL, (Standard or Time Critical OR Guaranteed) Or for- partials and Full Truckload services anywhere in the USA!

Please let us know- on what day your company (or agency) needs a delivery and by what day you are ready for a pickup.

Reminder—Your Time Critical shipment, cannot usually be picked up or delivered on a Federal Holiday. And, your Time Critical/ Guaranteed delivery day MUST be typed onto your BOL!

And, the scheduled pick up to coordinate with a Guaranteed delivery date must occur.