Do you need a Lift Gate for your LTL?

September 29, 2021

Hello and Warm Regards from Jane Barnett the Shipping Emporium.

Often our Customers are interested in a Lift-Gate Service on truck. In
some cases, you may know ahead of time that this will be needed but in
sometimes not. Please Keep in Mind that our Quotes will be based on your
information provided, and services such as Lift-gate and Appointments at
the Delivery need to be considered for your Shipping Location (Business
or Government Location) and also your Delivery Location (Business or
Government Location or School). Checking on the locations to make sure
that they have a Loading dock or a Forklift (or even a pallet jack for
shipments that are not too heavy) can help save you both time, money and
hassle. Some of our Carriers have Trucks with and without a Lift – gate
on truck, so it is helpful to know ahead of time what you will need. For
us, making sure that a Lift gate is available before you ship is
sometimes easier than just waiting to see if the truck has one

As far as your shipments weight, there are weight limits for Lift gates
varying from 2500 pound capacity per pallet to 5000 pounds in some rare
cases. (and also length limits up to 96 inches usually) . When we
provide you a Quote based on your shipments weight and dimensions
(length x width x height) that is what we are looking for— is the most
exact information that you can provide about your shipment’s size and
also your needs.

LTL shipping is usually picked up by an LTL carrier and the services are
for at least 100 pounds to 10,000 pounds at the most, or with some
exceptions we have LTL Carriers up to 15000 pounds. (All depends on your
pallets size in lx w x ht and number of pallets also). We can help you
to reduce your costs by finding (with our help) the carriers that are
the lowest for your pickup and your destination, your shipments size and
for the Accessorial needed.

Truckloads are usually Dedicated trucks and can be full up to 52 linear
feet or up to 42,000 pounds And are handled on Dry Vans and Flat Bed
Trucks both.

Any questions or quotes needed please contact us any time! Your business
is appreciated.

Thanks from, Jane Barnett the Shipping Emporium

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