Consolidate your Freight & Cargo Insurance

If you are shipping only 1 pallet at a time, your company could be spending more than needed.

Instead of shipping all your freight separately, try to consolidate your freight into as few shipments as possible. Your company should ship this way 1) This practice lowers the chance that your freight will be damaged or lost in transit. Though damage or loss are not common in Freight shipping (Less common in FTL shipping compared to LTL), it does happen. Although most LTL carriers cover insurance, it’s not likely to cover the entirety of your item’s total loss (rare but can happen). And even more so for expensive or fragile items

We do recommend to our customers our , 3rd party Cargo Insurance, every time you ship with us, offered from The Shipping Emporium.

2) Consolidated Freight takes up less space on the truck, and in LTL Shipping the less space that a shipment takes up, the lower your freight rate will be!

3) from the space of the truck, when you consolidate your freight then your shipment will be denser. Denser shipments are less expensive to transport. Potentially save money on your LTL shipments with our help at The Shipping Emporium.

When you reach out, we will ask several questions to make sure that the right sized truck is sent and to ensure the best possible Freight Quote. Please be sure to include accurate Dimensions (length x width x height) for each pallet or handling unit.