Cargo Insurance or Carrier Liability?

What is Cargo Insurance?

Freight Insurance (Cargo Insurance) is transactional. You can buy it from us along with your Freight. And it can be an important part of protecting your goods while in transit. Cargo Insurance should not be confused with Carrier Liability, which is usually limited and will not refund the full cost of the shipment in most cases.

Do you need fast Claims processing and resolution? Your claim (if you have one) is going to be faster with our 3rd party cargo insurance compared to going to file a cargo loss or damage claim with the Carrier. Please let us know the day before or the day of pick-up if you are needing Cargo Insurance, especially if your goods are higher value.

Protect your goods while in transit. Ask The Shipping Emporium for a Cargo Insurance Quote along with your Freight Quote. Our Cargo Insurance starts at $25 and is back by Avalon Risk Management Group.

The Shipping Emporium can be reached at 703-304-8170 or 434-990-4144 for more information.