Cargo Insurance and Concealed Damage


What is Cargo Insurance?

To Understand why you need to buy cargo insurance to protect your shipment while in transit, first understand what Carrier Liability Limits are.

A carriers’ liability (often determined by their tariff rules) will vary and also the shipments value is part of that determination. Also, it may not always be possible for a Consignee to thoroughly inspect your freight at delivery until your freight is un-packed. Please remember to note any “damage or loss” or even tears or signs of damage to the outside of your freight when signing at the delivery or as soon as possible. Any damage to your Freight by the Carriers Must be reported to the Carrier responsible within 7 calendar days or 5 business days in a normal week.

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The Shipping Emporium offers you very reasonable priced Cargo insurance for peace of mind when your Freight is in transit with our Carriers.

How much does cargo Insurance cost? Approximately $.28 per $100 in value with a $25 minimum. For example, for many goods if $50,000 in value your cargo insurance is $140 and if your shipments value is $5000 you would pay $25. Over $100,000 cargo insurance may need underwriting approval, best to contact us at least 24-48 hours before picking up. Under $100,000 Cargo insurance contact us the day before or any time before your shipment is picked up. Please contact The Shipping Emporium for a quote and to purchase your Cargo Insurance before your shipment picks up on the day before pick-up or at the latest the Morning of Pick up. Contact us at 703-304-8170 or 434-990-4144 or

Although it is not very often that your goods will be damaged while in transit with our Carriers, you will have peace of mind that your shipment is covered with cargo insurance, regardless of a Carrier’s liability limits.

Here are some of the most common causes for damage that could occur while your Freight is in transit:

Accidents during Transportation

All risk of Physical loss or damage


Weather-Related damage

What is Concealed Damage? When your freight arrives to you or your Consignee, inspect and note any damage on the Signature page. However, if there is hidden damage i.e. it cannot be seen at the outside of your Freight package, that is’ concealed damage’. All your freight Deliveries should be opened in a timely matter, and if the is ‘concealed damage’ take as many pictures as you can and report this immediately. You have only 4-5 days to report any hidden damage after your delivery.

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